Sunnyside Police say there was no credible threat made against Sunnyside High School on Tuesday. Authorities say it was actually a re-post of a threat that had already been checked out by police. officers were sent to the school Tuesday as a precaution. No problems were reported at the school. The incident remains under investigation.
Police say they're also investigating a second threat at the school reported earlier this month.  Sunnyside School District officials posted this statement Tuesday.

"Sunnyside School District administrators and the Sunnyside Police Department have worked in conjunction for the last 24 hours to verify that both the social media post that has circulated regarding a potential school shooting for February 20, 2018, and the original non-specific threat that was written on a girls bathroom stall referencing February 20, 2017, are non-credible. However, as the safety of both our students and our staff are of the highest priority, an additional police presence and increased safety precautions will remain in place for today. We wish to thank the students, staff and community members who saw the post and brought it to the attention of both organizations."

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