Let's be honest.

Most politicians aren't rated too highly by the average American constituent.

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The Problem With Most Politics


The trouble is most people who get into politics find themselves cornered into trying to please everybody all the time and that just doesn't work.  Others go into politics for the power and influence they think they'll have.  And not often enough, yet once in a while,   you find somebody who gets into office to serve the public and to be true to themselves and the values of the people who elected them.

That's how I would describe most of our 13, 14 & 15 district representatives and I belive we are lucky to have such quality folks. In particular one of our favorites, 13th District State Representative Tom Dent (R) from Moses Lake.

State Representative Tom Dent (R)

I'm sure there is some kind of conservative bias at work here but Tom is about the business of the things that matter and is hands off on the things that don't.

Like most Eastern Washingtonians, Dent knows the Governor's emergency powers have gone unchecked for way too long.  He knows the voice of the people has been left out of the decision-making process when it comes to covid-19's impact on business and education .  But he's also a realist and knows there my little that can be done to convince majority Democrats to return to the government the state constitution requires.

Caring About Our Kids

Rep. Dent has a big heart for kids and especially kids in the state foster care system.  He is working to make sure the Dept of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) provides the best common sense care and decision making in helping today's troubled kids and including foster parents opinions in the discussion of what might be best for the kids

And as a rancher of Bison and hay, he keeps his eye on agriculture legislation helping to make sure that Washington doesn't forget the importance of Eastern Washington agriculture to the state's economy.

Representative Dent was a guest on the Morning News this week and his interview is included at the end of this article


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