No significant changes in the crack on top of Rattlesnake Ridge. That’s what officials with the Joint Operations Center in Union Gap told reporters during a media briefing Friday. Trevor Contreras a geologist with the State Department of Natural Resources says the majority of the land continues to move to the South towards the nearby quarry. "Currently the landslide is moving at 1.7 feet per week. That's 3 inches a day. It's not speeding up. It's not accelerating."
And because of that he says predicting the actual landslide event is getting tougher. They're still expecting it to fail between now and late February. Officials say they're fully prepared for three different scenarios. The most likely being that the slide goes into the quarry and either stops or hits the nearby homes. They're also prepared for the slide to hit I-82 or the Yakima River. People who evacuated homes in the area are being helped by Columbia Asphalt and area social service agencies. And officials continue to ask that people not hike or bike on the private land and warn drone pilots they need permission from the FAA to fly drones in that area.

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