The newly appointed superintendent of the Yakima School District says he looks forward to the day he takes over the reins. Until then, Jack Irion will remain busy in his current job of deputy superintendent, a position he's held since 1997. He says he'll continue in that job until June 30.

"Then on July 1, there's a transition. I'll be in a different office with a different title. I'm working closely with (retiring Superintendent) Elaine Beraza but we always work closely anyway."
Irion, however, says the focus is now on transition as he prepares to take over her job.

Irion says he's honored to be chosen at the district's leader. He has lots of plans that he hopes will increase graduation rates and positively affect the lives of students in the Yakima School District.

Irion spoke to The Morning News on KIT on Friday morning -- here's what he had to say:

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