John Kerry Takes A Break From The Campaign Trail

You care about the environment-and that's good. Most of us do.  But like everything else, the environment has become politicized.

But Dave, it's SCIENCE!  Sadly, science itself is politicized.  Look, the point is, feel free to do what you will to help "save the environment" but make sure you are looking at ALL sides of the ramifications of your actions.

Case in Point - Walking to work to save the environment.

Sound great, right?  Fresh air, exercise, not adding to the old carbon footprint, makes it healthy for you and the environment!  Win-Win!


A new study says you might be wrong. Researchers from two universities estimate that, in a country with high-calorie diets walking just over half of a mile would require the person to eat food that would have generated around 0.26 kilograms of carbon dioxide, compared to 0.21 kilograms that would be generated by the gas used in a car. Answering the appetite that walking creates actually overrides the pollution savings of leaving the car at home.

The Daily Mail reports between fertilizer, packaging and transportation, a significant amount of energy is used in growing food.

The study also found that bicycling followed by ride sharing.was the best way to get to work with the least impact on the environment.  The researchers say companies and governments should consider there work before encouraging people to walk to work as opposed to suggesting other transport options.

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