According to a press release, the city will be more lenient early on in the snow removal process since it is a new system for residents.

The use of new, designated "snow routes" has the city looking more at, "notification and education during the first snowfall that results in the plan being initiated."

The new snow routes, which focus mainly in the downtown core, will be where citizens must move their cars from the streets if there is at least three inches of snow. If they do not, the cars will be towed and a $50 fine will be issued.

The new plan was implemented by the city council after citizen complaints last year that snow removal took too long.

Communications & Public Affairs Director Randy Beehler says, “For the first snowfall that requires the new plan to be initiated, we’re going to focus on helping people get up to speed with what we’re trying to accomplish."

According to the release, when a snowfall reaches three inches in depth, a “Snow Alert” will be issued by the City letting car owners know they need to move their vehicles from the designated snow routes as soon as possible. With cars off of those streets, the work of plowing crews will be faster and safer.

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