Experts are watching that big crack on top of Rattlesnake Ridge. Experts like Stephen Slaughter a Landslide Hazards Geologist at the Washington Geological Survey, part of the Department of Natural Resources who says he's watching the acceleration of the slide and it's slowing. He says a new report Tuesday shows some changes. "We're looking at a movement rate of 1.6 feet per week and that's a little bit of a deceleration not a lot. So it's pushing the landslide probably into March now."
Slaughter says the biggest misconception that many have is that the landslide will fall into the Yakima River or onto I-82. He says the most likely scenario is that the land will slide into the nearby quarry and stabilize itself. He says all the experts continue to monitor the ridge Today. Tune in at 7:40 Wednesday. Dave and Lance will be talking to Stephen Slaughter about the ongoing work to keep the public safe.

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