The Yakima City Council has three new members that will start work at Yakima City Hall in 2018 after Tuesday's General Election.

In the District 2 race between Jason White and Pablo Gonzalez voters chose White as the new council representative. White is a lifelong resident of the area and a former medic in the U.S. military.

The spotlight was on the District 4 race throughout the campaigns of both candidates Kay Funk and Keith Effler. Effler was called into question because of his ties to the Rain Shadow report and that may have played a role in his loss. Funk now sits at the horse shoe desk at city hall in 2018.

And in District 6 voters overwhelmingly supported Brad Hill over Micaela Razo. Hill is Director of the Fort Simcoe Job Corps Program. 86% of voters in the district supported Hill in the race for the council seat.

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