Like the Red Robin's return each Spring to the Yakima Valley that signals the end of Winter, a party and celebration at Better All Auto Sales in November in Yakima signals Veteran's Day!   Aaaaand then there is the Coronavirus pandemic which put the brakes on the event in 2020.  That killed the deal for that day (11/11/20) but not the idea and the purpose or the plans for the next time.  This Friday, 5/21/21 IS the next time!

Back Story - Doug Bettarel owns Better All Motors, 914 South First Street.  We know them as "the Great Guys with the Better Buys" and they have been advertising with KIT for 20 years. For most of those 20 years we have broadcast the Morning News Show live from Betterall Motors on Veterans Day from the 3 different locations he's called home over the years.

Doug is a Patriot and a Navy veteran.  He is justifiably proud of his service in the 1960's aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Kitty Hawk.

According to navy history on line the Kitty Hawk was launched on May 21,1960 -- exactly 61 years to the day this Friday when we once again do our show live at Better All Motors!

Navy History includes this bit of comedic interest - Jul 1965: "A sequence from the Walt Disney motion picture Lt. Robin Carusoe, USN was filmed on board over a five-day period. Two chimpanzees were the highlight to the crew among the embarked guests. On 25 June 1966, Kitty Hawk hosted the world premier of the movie within Hanger Bay No. 1, converted into a "gala" 1,804-seat theater"    REMIND US to ask Doug if he met the chimps or got their autographs!

Later that year the crew of the Kittyhawk went to work in Vietnam. - 26 Nov-1 Dec 1965:"Aircrew began flying against the Viet Cong (VC) in South Vietnam. On the inaugural effort, they completed 90 attack sorties, dropping more than 140 tons of ordnance. "

From those early days in the Navy Doug developed a lifelong respect and admiration for the men and women of the American Military.  His Veterans day events are known for morning coffee and doughnuts, free hats, lunch, great stories and conversation and even clothes or shoes for those who need them.  It's Doug's way of saying "Thanks" to his fellow vets and all are invited.

We are looking forward to being there this Friday.  It's a Red, White & Blue, lump in the throat, goose bump kinda morning.   We would love to see you there, Vet or not, having a cup of Joe and taking a moment out to honor the courage and sacrifice our fellow Americans have made on behalf of the rest of us.

It's a great day celebrating the best America has to offer when we need them most.  We'll see you there or on the radio this Friday 5/21.

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