The National Cattlemen's Beef Association has joined more than 3,800 other organizations to express their anger over a new proposal from the IRS that would unfairly tax small businesses and family farms by eliminating valuation discount planning and increasing the estate and gift taxes by over 30 PERCENT! Rep. Davidson ( R ) introduced HR6100 that would prevent the corrupt IRS from moving forward.

Agri-pulse reports A new White House initiative will seek to create programs and partnerships to entice different segments of the population into ag and science careers. The America the Bountiful project is designed to narrow the gap between available ag jobs and available ag graduates. According to USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture every year until 2020 will have 22,500 fewer graduates than jobs available in agriculture and related fields such as renewable natural resources and the environment.

Finally after its second straight year of losses Monsanto hopes that new soy bean varieties will boost profits in both North and South America The St. Louis Based company is has agreed to sell it’self to Bayer for 57 billion.