Every now and again, somebody writes or says something that really hits home with millions of their fellow Americans.  Not necessarily-or even realistically- everyone, but with millions none the less.

John Nolte writes for Breitbart News and a his recent column titled  I Purchased Three of Those 2.4 Million Guns Sold in June is just such a piece.  I mean, you can pretty much estimate at least 2.4 million, right?

The interest in guns is growing again.  Big Time. NPR reports, "The FBI reported that Americans set a new record of 3.9 million background checks to purchase or possess firearms in June. That eclipsed the previous record set in March of 3.7 million background checks.

In fact, seven of 1o highest weeks for the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, which is run by the FBI and was launched in 1998, have come this year. This includes the first four weeks in June.

With that as the statistical background, Nolte's article starts out, "There were nearly 2.4 million firearms sold in June, according to the Small Arms Analytics and Forecasting.  Yours truly made three of those purchases."

Personally, I didn't buy any more guns in June and perhaps you didn't either but I encourage you to read the column.
It's the story of the common man, not a gun guy, just a guy who can see what's going on around him in society and is responsibly taking steps to protect himself and his family - based one a reasonable level and expectation of the threat and probability of support.

"You see, it’s all about the potential threat level, and I judge the potential threat level based on what America is willing to tolerate, what has been normalized."

We have had partisan debates, arguments and protests before, but we've also had the belief that a certain level of violence would not be tolerated, by either side, and if it occurred it would be accurately depicted by the media.

As Nolte writes, "Unfortunately, everything changed in 2014 with the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” hoax. This is when Democrats and the establishment media not only began to excuse violence, but to actively encourage and justify it."

And it's only gotten worse since then.  The stew of national unrest has been heavily seasoned with a liberal application of Trump Hate which seems to have given the green light to all kinds of additional craziness.

"Instead of challenging the smears that America is a racist country, instead of standing up for police officers and the rule of law, even the Republican Party is taking a knee, is looking to appease, is acting as Black Lives Matter-lite with their stupid and completely unnecessary police reform ideas... All I see from the GOP is cowardice, appeasement, and incoherence."

Being a gun owner isn't for everyone. That's fine.  But if being a casualty or a victim of what you see happening in the world around you today isn't for you either, you may have to make a choice.  Nolte made his...three of them actually. Just don't ask him which ones.


Post Script...Not everybody buying guns will have innocent motivations. Check out the photos in the article by the UK Daily Mail. A number of heavily armed Black Panthers prowled the grounds at the Stone Mountain Memorial in Georgia. It makes you wonder if their presence provided security and comfort or did it represent menace and threat?  If the BLM and Panthers' concern truly is the lives of Black Americans, perhaps they should have taken their paramilitary appearance, handguns and rifles to Chicago or New York and actually helped make sure Black Lives survived the weekend in America.

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