More lawmakers are showing support for a national labeling law. A House hearing last week by the Energy and Commerce subcommittee on health reviewed a labeling bill introduced by Kansas Representative Mike Pompeo and North Carolina Democrat G.K. Butterfield. The bill would create a national, voluntary standard for labeling. Language in the bill that preempts state laws requiring mandatory labels on food made with genetically engineered crops following the hearing remain unchanged. The bill also includes a provision that would require food makers to go through a USDA program to receive a certified non-GMO label for their products.

A spending bill for agriculture has won approval by the House Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee. Thursday, the committee approved the 2016 Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration and agencies appropriations bill. The bill would provide $20.7 billion in discretionary spending, which would represent a one percent reduction from the 2015 level, and it is $1.1 billion less than the Administration’s budget request. The bill totals $143.9 billion dollars.

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