All motorized system trails across the Naches's Ranger District will effectively open at 12:01 a.m. Saturday, June 16th.

“While the motorized trail system will be legally open, not all portions of all trails will be snow-free or dried out by that time.  We are hopeful that users will help us protect the few trails or portions of trails that remain wet or snow-covered by not riding them,” said Jacqueline Beidl, Recreation Assistant for the Naches Ranger District.

Heavy snows at higher elevations have not yet entirely melted and dried out from the highest portions of the motorized trail system.  Trails and trail segments identified by trail crews and volunteers as being too heavily saturated from recent rains, runoff or that are still snow-covered will be recommended for non-use.  “We ask that riders voluntarily honor these recommendations in order to protect portions of the motorized trail system that remain extremely susceptible to damage from use,” said Irene Davidson, Naches District Ranger.

Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) Rangers and trail crew members will post trails and trail segments recommended for non-use in the field.   Although compliance with these recommendations will be voluntary, the District remains confident that trail enthusiasts will do an excellent job policing themselves.

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