My friend Becky and I are hanging out at her cozy home watching the Oscars.

We are both two single moms, living the life, trying to keep up with crazy schedules, energetic kids, play dates, bad dates, and the 2017 Academy Awards!

I rushed over to Becky's house right after a fun and hectic evening of monthly Girl Scouts meetings anddoor-to-door cookie selling. I brought over some items that I regarded as "essentials" for the ultimate spur-of-the-moment Oscar party:

  • Wendy's Leftover French Fries from the Girl Scout meeting (They were cold AF)
  • Candy That The Kids Are NOT Allowed To Touch, bubbly, and dranks (I picked them up from Walgreens)
  • Cute Doggies (Becky's got the cutest dogs!)
  • Screaming Kids (Ta da!)
  • Twitter ( I have to keep up with everything people are saying about the Oscars)

There were various highlights of our Mom's Oscar party. Was it when Becky's daughter, Charlotte, and my daughter, Willow, decided to crash the party by demanding that we watch their performance of Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood"?

Or was it when we were interrupted from a presentation of nominees with abrupt barking from Becky's three dogs (and we still don't know why they were barking in the first place, perhaps they were chiming in their favorite to win?

Perhaps the biggest highlight of our Moms' Oscar Party was when it became apparent that bedtime was near for both of our daughters, which was my cue that it was time for me to leave. One kid after the other began to bawl incessantly when it was mentioned that it was time for bed (or that it was too late to eat any more homemade cookies)!

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