A federal agency is suing a Moxee farm claiming it violated federal law by allowing a supervisor to sexually harass male workers. The US Equal Opportunity Commission alleges that the general manager of Roy Farms touched male employees sexually, verbally harassed them and asked them to watch while he urinated in public. The agency said they first tried to reach a voluntary settlement but eventually filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Eastern Washington. The lawsuit is seeking monetary damages for Barrera and other possible victims, training on anti-discrimination laws and to post notices on the job site.

"Roy Farms had a duty to keep its employees safe and to respond to their complaints. It failed on both accounts." Michael Baldonado, director of the San Francisco District, said in a news release. These hardworking men who simply wanted to be able to come to work and earn their living," EEOC San Francisco Regional Attorney William R. Tamayo said in a news release. "Because of this manager's sexual intimidation and the company's refusal to take corrective action, Mr. Barrera was forced to choose between his personal safety and dignity and his job. No one should have to make that kind of choice, and the EEOC will defend workers' rights to a workplace free from harassment."  Roy Farms produces crops including apples, cherries, blueberries and hops. They're based in Moxee, Washington.