Last year's Yakima Mile event was a big success.  The downtown race featured 800 participants recording some sub 4-minute miles and state records times resulting in thousands of dollars in cash prizes to the winners.

The good news is that the second edition is coming up this June. Time to get training but the bad news is that chances are you aren't going to love it.

Fitness-tracking app Strava collected data from 25,000 runners around the world and found that just eight percent said they love running, while 50 percent said they either hated running or at best they "merely tolerate it."

Not even most runners love running but they still do it!

Study leaders say people usually continue running for a number of reasons, including wanting to improve body image, physical or mental health.  So it's not the love of running but the commitment to focus on their long-term happiness rather than their immediate happiness.




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