Politics are confusing. One day Obama and Romney join forces for a rendition of 'Hot and Cold' and the next thing we know, Big Bird is thrown into the debate debacle. Seriously, presidential candidates? How can you expect to be taken seriously among these ridiculous shenanigans? We think it’s about time you take some tips from a truly determined politician-- one who puts the people first and knows our country like the back of his...paw.

Ladies and gentleman, we are pleased to announce that Morris the Cat of 9Lives cat food fame has announced his candidacy in the 2012 presidential election with the official statement, "It’s time to let the cat out of the bag-- I’m running for President."


Morris has actually taken his shot at occupying the Oval Office twice before, in ’88 and ’92. Unfortunately, Bush senior and Clinton beat the feline by a small margin, but that hasn’t destroyed an ounce of this cool cat’s confidence. In order to secure a clean win, Morris revealed he wants a politician from Talkeenta, Alaska to be his running mate-- Mayor Stubbs, a fellow kitty with political leanings.

His strong commitment to bettering the lives of American cats runs very, very deep. Although we try not to take sides, we are confident this four-legged dude will lead our country to a better state, filled with tons of furry fun. Even better? His entire campaign is helping to aid the group Pets Are Wonderful Support.

So what are you waiting for?! Tell everyone and their kitty about Morris the Cat’s candidacy...right meow, er, now!