President Obama has directed more federal funding to help fight wildfires. Another $250 million is in addition to $450 million already transferred from different parts of the federal budget earlier this year to go toward fighting such disasters. The Obama administration also called on Congress to start treating the blazes just like hurricanes, tornadoes and other disasters—as emergencies exempt from spending limits. Senate Democrat Ron Wyden of Oregon along with Senate Republican Mike Crapo of Idaho has already introduced legislation that would provide additional funding for wildfire suppression when costs exceed a percentage of the 10-year average.

Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister says the country is interested in joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal but needs to study the terms and conditions first. A Singapore newspaper reported this week Thailand is “very interested” but must weigh the advantages and disadvantages carefully. The current TPP negotiations must be finalized before the current members could consider letting additional nations join the trade deal. Further, all 12 countries must agree on additions.