More COVID-19 test results have come back positive for the hundreds of people who were tested last week throughout Yakima County.

Today there are at least 6,476 cases of COVID-19 up from 6,062 cases on Friday.

124 people have died.  56 people are hospitalized.

2997 people have Recovered. Health officials say that means it's been more than 28 days since a positive COVID-19 diagnosis AND not currently hospitalized.

The largest age group with the virus? 1418 in people ages 20-29-years-old. However no one in that age group has died of COVID-19.

50 people 80-years-old or older have died of the virus in the county.  That's the largest group. The smallest? 2 people have died between the ages of 30 and 39-years-old.

117 of the 124 people who have died have had underlying health conditions.

County wide...yakima has the largest number of 1566. The next largest case count is in Sunnyside with 578 cases of COVID-19.

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