Micro business owners in Yakima County will be able to get some help to keep businesses open starting Friday, February 19. This week the Yakima City Council approved $266,406 for a second round of assistance for micro-businesses (five or fewer employees) for reimbursement of expenses related to COVID-19. If you own a micro-business in Yakima County Development Association officials say they'll begin issuing applications on Friday, February 19.
The money comes from a Federal Community Development Block Grant.
Previously, in July 2020, the City Council set aside $480,000 in CDBG funds to assist micro-businesses with expenses associated with COVID-19.

Call 575-1140 or visit Yakima County Development Association web page for more information.
The money is needed by many business owners in Yakima some of which have already closed businesses. Others have tried to stay open while trying to deal with and navigate the COVID-19 regulations. Restaurant owners have had to find ways to stay open and stay afloat with take-out orders, outdoor seating and limited capacity inside restaurants. Currently restaurants in Yakima can open for 25% capacity while monitoring CO2 levels with air flowing through the building. Unlike many small businesses grocery stores have been able to stay open during the pandemic. The stores are also limited to capacity but they are not required to monitor CO2 levels inside buildings.
Many businesses have taken advantage of state grants made available through the city and county. More help is on the way through a new grant program in the city of Yakima especially for small business or what the city calls micro-business.

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