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I spent two and a half of the three day Memorial Weekend building a tree house for the "Gator", my 8 year old daughter Kate. I promised it last year and never got around to it so it was definitely on my conscience.  A few weeks back Kate asked about the possibility of the tree house it was time to act.

We have a couple of dogwoods next to a swing set my wife Sara built (she is the one with the skill and the tools!) so I decided a triangular platform tied to the trees and the heavy post of the swing would work. And the operative word here is WORK!

This was all winging it so it took time to invent and reinforce as we went along.  A lot of water and lemonade was consumed in the 90+ degree heat.  There was some cussing but no injuries, four trips for lumber and supplies, no wasted wood and only one bent nail, and best of all we are still talking to each other so that makes it an unqualified success.

With all respect possible, my wife is a road warrior beast. She isn't afraid to take on any challenge and she can outwork 99% of the guys I know including me.  I wanted her to have sweat in the game on this project (and did she!) because I knew how much Kate was gonna love it.  I wanted her to feel the pride and satisfaction of making her daughter's dream come true and boy did we! The smiles and the laughter and the imagination came on like a tidal wave!

Kate is about to finish second grade but I think we can ride the good will  points on this one until middle school!  Not to mention the hero points when the cousins come over to play.

And here's the thing. I will teach Kate that building it on Memorial Weekend was special because a lot of great Americans have given their lives so we can have the freedoms that we have in our country.  I want her to know that every time she climbs the ladder up to her little pie shaped slice of the world, she knows that it took the sacrifice of others to make a world where her mom and dad could spend the weekend making so many fun memories for her.

Look for a flag coming soon to a tree house near you!

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