Most of us have come across someone we might describe as a "crazy cat lady".  Think about it for a moment...remember.....ya, her!

When a woman's personal cat collection exceeds a dozen I think a pretty good case can be made for some kind of feminine feline wackiness BUT according to a study published in the journal Psychological Medicine , there’s no such thing as a crazy cat lady!

In fact, the study found no correlation at all between craziness and love of cats.  NBC News has reported on some of the many ways adopting a cat can be good for your physical or mental health:

  • Their purring calms nerves and lowers blood pressure;
  • Petting a cat releases a hormone that reduces stress;
  • Cat owners have a decreased risk of dying from heart attack or stroke;
  • A pet cat relieves loneliness, a big risk factor in many diseases.

For all their independence, it seems cats are "givers" in their own way and there's nothing crazy about that.

Was that sincere or was it being "catty"?

Cats in Artaki on Euboea island
NurPhoto via Getty Images

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