For some time now we have lamented the problems posed by the “low information voter”.  It seems people don’t do much in the way of research anymore when looking for news & information.  Couple that with national polls and studies on the belief of bias of the mainstream media (62% think there’s a hidden agenda) and it all confirms a lack of trust in the traditional sources for news.

So do we double down in our search to really understand?  Sadly no. We go to where the cat pictures and the what I’m having for dinner photos rule and reside.

A new study from BuzzFeed News and Ipsos Public Affairs claims that nearly half of American adults get their news from Facebook.

But that doesn’t solve the problem of misinformation because more than half of those who rely on Facebook say they are "skeptical about what they read" there.

The BuzzFeed Buzz is:
--48 percent say Facebook is "a major or minor source of news,"
--20 percent said it is "rarely" a news source.
--The other 32 percent claim "Facebook was never a source"

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