The people behind the National Calendar tell us today, May 10, is National Washington Day recognizing the Evergreen State.

So what do they say about the nation's 42 state?

One aspect of our state history they mention is the conflict over land - like this gem.

"The history of San Juan Island and the battle for its possession started over the death of a pig. While still a territory, Washington came to near blows over an eager settler, a boundary and a potato-rooting English boar. Today it is known as the Pig War of 1859."

I have to admit I'm not familiar with the pig war but I can't wait to see the uniforms and the recruiting posters!.

The natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest is also well noted.

"Volcanic Mountains and rain forests fill the landscape. The Evergreen State’s views of the Pacific Ocean do not disappoint.. From whale watching and city life, there is plenty to see and do in every corner of the state."

How to celebrate this made up day?  How about making a cup of coffee or having one of the state's thousands of a baristas make you one and check out the video of best places to visit in Washington.


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