The SOZO Sports complex in Yakima is hosting a kennel club Dog Show this weekend (5-1-21), that due to COVID restrictions, is CLOSED to the public.  That's a bummer 'cuz I was hoping to go check out all the beautiful dogs.   AND I was looking forward to testing out a new study about dogs and which breed pays their owners the most attention.


It's human nature to like those who seem to like us best.  So in the dog world, which breeds at least "seem" to like us best?

A new study finds that dog breeds with short heads, like pugs, bulldogs and boxers, are better at establishing eye-contact with humans than are the long-nosed breeds.  OK, you lost me at pugs which I don't like but apparently quite a few folks do.  According to the black pug website , " the American Dog Kennel Club (AKC) [says] Pugs are ranked #28th among the most popular dog breeds. People tend to love this canine because of their good looks and unmistakable charm. These toy dogs are extremely loyal and affectionate and are the true meaning of unconditional love."

In 2019 the AKC says the French Bulldog came in at number four and the Bulldog came in at number five on the popularity list.  So why is it that these smoosh-faced pooches are so popular?

The Daily Mail reports on some Hungarian researcher which says that locking eyes with a dog is key in establishing a connection and building a bond, and some dogs are better at it than others. The scientists say that short-headed, cooperative, young, and playful dogs are the best when it comes to establishing eye contact with humans.

(that seems to contradict the popularity of the top three most popular breeds - Black Labs, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers )

The researchers note it’s likely due to the shape of their eyes that makes it easier for short-headed dogs to make eye contact with humans, as they have a shorter field of vision than dogs with bigger heads.

I wonder about this last supposition but then I hear people talk about their "fur babies" and well, I suppose it could be true!  It is possible "that their owners gaze at them more often as their facial features resemble a small child, a powerful cue for humans."

Sorry short faced dogs, but I'll take longer nose dog every time!  How about you?

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