Although the Yakima Valley doesn't experience extreme weather conditions like other areas of the country, a real disaster, either natural or man-made, could happen. Don't forget about your pets when putting together your emergency plan.

When disaster strikes, the ensuing chaos and confusion may make it difficult for people to make sure that their pets are safe and provided for.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) makes the following suggestions to make sure that your pets can come through a catastrophe safely.

Put together a pet emergency kit containing three days worth of food and water, medicines and medical records, a first aid kit, collar and tag,  and a crate or pet carrier.

Get together sanitation supplies, such as bleach, litter and litter box, paper towels and plastic garbage bags.

Take a picture of you and your pet together for identification purposes.

Make sure your pet has some familiar toys and bedding to reduce stress.

Consider making two of these kits, one for a longer term use, and one that you can grab and go if need be.