In an article on the website Outkick, sports media personality & analyst Jason Whitlock's take on the election has raised a few eyebrows.  He shared it on the Tucker Carlson show and basically he says, "President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joseph Biden are not the stars or antagonists in this tale. Their supporters are." 

Whitlock breaks it down even more into a battle between Love and Hate.

"A blind unconditional love of their leader fuels the energy and action of Trump supporters. They risk their health (maskless rallies), reputation (accusations of racism and sexism) and safety (social media and Antifa harassment) to stand with their hero. 

A blind unconditional hatred of President Trump fuels the energy and action of Biden supporters. Their leader’s ideas, policies and resume are irrelevant. Biden is a tool to kill the Trump presidency. Nothing more."

Does that construct resonate with you?

It appears that the chances for Trump's re-election are shrinking and if he loses he wouldn't be the first incumbent to miss out on a second term.

George H.W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford,  Herbert Hoover,  William Howard Taft,  Benjamin Harrison,  Grover Cleveland,  Martin Van Buren,  John Quincy Adams & John Adams are the 10 past presidents who lost a re-election bid.

As Whitlock points out, the voters for Trump are actually for him while the voters for Biden are in fact votes against Trump.  I get it, I was an "anybody but Hillary" voter but like so many others who started that way, our support for Trump evolved and grew based on his accomplishments like: Middle East Peace deals, ending Isis and killing terror leaders, the restoration of the economy, the jobs rate and who all is now working, consumer confidence increases, exposing the deep state corruption, engaging with NATO to pull their weight, reigning North Korea, confronting China, trade deals, tax breaks and personal income gains, progress on the border, rebuilt the military and all the judges brought on to the courts across the country.  (there's more...)

Yes, the Coronavirus threw a monkey wrench into the progress and plans for more but that is the fault of China and nobody anywhere knew what was the "right" thing to in response.  I don't blame Trump. I blame those with power and platform who hated Trump enough to use the national crises for their advantage to exercise that hate for dividing the county over our coronavirus response.  To lay the awful loss of life on the President is a clear example of Hate.

That's part of the message as shared by Jason Whitlock, "This is the price of politics becoming America’s religion. An expression of Godly love pales in comparison to an expression of Trump hate. Political alignment trumps religious alignment." 

The article is an important read and we hope you'll check it out here because as Whitlock says, "Hate cannot sustain life, liberty, freedom and a pursuit of happiness." 



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