America's Grandma Betty White is turning 99 years young on Sunday. To her, she claims, "it feels just like turning 88" and is very open about her tricks for staying sharp as the years roll by. Simple things like enjoying hot dogs and vodka.

John Riggs, Townsquare Media
John Riggs, Townsquare Media⁹

To deeper ones like, "always having your glass half full not half empty."

(Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images)

Betty is a strong advocate of animals and has said as much while visiting the Yakima in years past. Every person I have spoken to that's met her has nothing but the kindest things to say about her.


In honor of this gem of a woman's upcoming celebration, I thought it would be neat to honor her with local advice from our own Grandmas.

Feel free to message us with the best advice you've received from your Grandma in hopes we all live life to the fullest, just like Betty.

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Take a Deep Breath

My beautiful Grandma has always said, "don't take life so seriously." It's a tough pill to swallow sometimes but she, like Betty stays incredibly busy, a mover and a shaker if you will and sharp as a tack. Funny thing, my Mom warned me her hearing was going at a family gathering before the pandemic hit. My husband and I sat and had a really awesome catch-up and didn't struggle at all. I think she was just pulling some of that selective hearing on my Mom!

Counting the Days

Shannon says Grama Allard used to say, "don’t count on tomorrow cause tomorrow never comes." That's a bit dark but at the same time deep. We don't know what tomorrow holds so waiting for tomorrow is pointless when you could dive into today.

Noodle Check

Yvette's Grama had a cooking tip. "make sure your noodles are cooked all the way, throw one on the fridge. If it sticks it’s ready to eat." Now that's living life to the fullest when you have no fear of throwing food around in the kitchen.


James says Grandma Mitzi used to say, "Remember Jesus loves you!!! God granted you life so even when you’re crying, be thankful because he gave you those tears to cry.” So true and really puts bad days in perspective.

Marriage Advice

Ilona's Grandma says, "Never go to bed angry. Work out your issues, compromise where you have to, but get it done before you go to sleep, or you will feel even more miserable in the morning. Small problems get bigger the longer you drag out solving them." Wise advice for anyone in any type of relationship

Be Nice

Katie's Grandma would tell her, "Always be a nice girl Katie." Short and sweet. We can't control others but we can control our own sweetness.

Don't Let Em Get to Ya

Todd from KATS's Grandma said, "Don't let the bastards wear you down!" I second and third that statement!

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Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:





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