Social media plays a big part in real life when it comes to jobs. A new study found 33 percent of people said they know someone whose employer fires employees based on social media conduct, and 40 percent said their own company is strict about their social media usage outside of work. The hammer is falling, but based on what standards?

A new study reported in INC. says 33 percent of employees say they are in favor of employers conducting social media screenings, and 10 percent say they've surrendered personal social media information to an employer during the hiring process.

Observers say part of the problem with policing social media is that there's no real standard on what behavior or posts employers should consider inappropriate.

Still, when it's a challenge to find the best person for the job at hand, social media has enabled employers to have more accountability over applicants.

So which would you do knowing the next boss might be looking in? Would you make your social media very private or would you watch what you post given the possibility that your next HR department head might be watching?

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