Shawn Hill is Director of sales at Liberty Bottleworks in Union Gap who's just returned from a visit to the White House for "Made In America" day on Monday. Hill was at the White House to represent the state of Washington where Liberty Bottles are manufactured by 35 employees at the business in Union Gap. Hill describes the opportunity to showcase Liberty Bottles at the White House as a blessing and he tells KIT News. "We're hoping it will bring more awareness to our factory in Union Gap and grow sales which will grow jobs and the community. That's what we're focused on bringing more jobs to Yakima and Union Gap."
Hill says he had the opportunity to meet President Trump and 4th district Congressman Dan Newhouse who also attended "Made In America" day earlier this week.
Hill says they currently employ 35 people to make a variety of Liberty Bottles and he says they're looking to hire more people. So if you're looking for a job contact Liberty Bottleworks in Union Gap.

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