A Website That Tells You If You Have Enough Toilet Paper
Jackson Scott
Summer is winding down. Decisions are being made about opening schools.  Thoughts of a second wave of Coronavirus are stirring.  Remember the big run on toilet paper? All the hoarding, the memes, the jokes, and the occasional awkward reality?
Have we learned nothing from this experience?  Well, yes we have.
The decision to hoard the stuff has led to people debating about just how much toilet paper a person actually needs. Toilet paper manufacturer Georgia-Pacific LLC, which makes brands such as Angel Soft and Quilted Northern, crunched some numbers and has the answers.
According to Today, “The average U.S. household (2.6 people) uses 409 regular rolls per year. Using our own calculations, staying home 24-7 would result in [about] 40% increase vs. average daily usage. Therefore, to last approximately 2 weeks, a 2-person household would need [about] 9 double rolls, or [about] 5 mega rolls. A 4-person household would need [about] 17 double rolls, or [about] 9 mega rolls to last approximately 2 weeks.”
Whew!  Why didn't we know that months ago?  Oh well, what might have been.  Butt at least know we know!
and for the record, manufacturers say there is no toilet paper shortage on the horizon.

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