When I was a young boy, I obsessed over every Seattle sports team, including the Seattle Supersonics.

The big 3 of the NBA for me was not Kareem, Magic and Worthy or Bird, McHale and Parrish. It was Ellis, Chambers and McDaniel.

The name Lenny Wilkens was spoken with such reverence amongst my (older) basketball friends that I grew to learn how much he meant to the area and to its basketball fans. Thus, when we got the opportunity to chat with him on the Morning News, I was excited.

See, Lenny is coming to town next week. He will be here in support of one of the great community groups we have, Safe Yakima Valley. They are having a luncheon on Wednesday where you can get a chance to listen to Wilkens speak on the importance of helping youngsters and building safe communities.

The event will be at the Convention center from 12-1. You can find more information on the Safe Yakima Valley website.

As for our chat, I was not the only one excited as big basketball fan Dave Ettl could barely contain his excitement as well. Here's our conversation.