The Yakima Humane Society has sent out an S.O.S. and are in desperate need of dog and cat food and other supplies to help feed and take care of their rescue animals.

They posted a message via their official Facebook page on Monday (March 1) but it managed to not show up in my personal social media feed. Thanks to KATS loyal listeners ("Klassy KATS") Krysta and Doug Wilske for DMing me the post so we can pass it along to you!

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According to their message, Purina and Pedigree brands are the most preffered by the sheltered critters. If you can pick some up they will gladly accept it at the donation drop-off location at the Yakima Humane Society Adoption Center (2405 W. Birchfield Road in Yakima) adjacent to the Yakima Arboretum.

SOS.... Dog & Cat food shortage. Please consider a donation, if you are able. Purina & Pedigree are the best choices...

Posted by Yakima Humane Society on Monday, March 1, 2021

They have also set-up a convenient wish list at of food and other needs that you can simply click on and have shipped from the convenience of your own home or from your mobile device!

Can you help? The Yakima Humane Society is a 501(c)(3) and, according to them,  "depend on our donor's support for many things that we would not otherwise be able to get."

Nobody wants to see our beloved four-legged friends, some would call them their "fur babies", be abandoned or go hungry but it is, unfortunately, a sad reality that must be dealt with. I can't think of a better, easier way to do your part to help ontrol the pet population here in Yakima, other than rescuing an animal yourself, than by helping out a worthy cause such as this.

Rock onm my l'il kats and dawgs!  m/ m/
Todd. E. Lyons, Esquire

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