Everyday on the Morning News we try to present the news of the day, give listeners the opportunity to sound off a little themselves and we try to make you laugh a bit.  We love to laugh, much of what's in the news is laughable and we make a serious effort to make you laugh.  That's not as easy as it sounds.

In America today we can't agree on anything, but can't we at least agree on what's funny??  No we can't!

Pick your comedic poison - observation, satire, surrealism, slapstick, improvisation, black comedy, blue comedy, character comedy, deadpan, insult, physical, prop, stock and more.  We all don't find the same things funny to the same degree.

You may like Fallon, while others prefer Kimmel or Colbert or Leno or Letterman or, or, or...

But guess what. There is a common thread that runs through comedy and that is the positive, healthy effect of laughter.

EurekAlert reports on a new study that confirms that people who laugh frequently in their everyday lives may be better equipped to deal with stressful events. They found that when study participants laughed frequently, stressful events were associated with more minor symptoms of subjective stress.

The American Institute of Stress reports, "In the short term, stress can leave us anxious, tearful and struggling to sleep. But over time, continuously feeling frazzled could trigger heart attacks, strokes, and even suicidal thoughts, so in short. yes, stress can kill you” 

Science tell us that the average person typically laughs 18 times a day, perhaps a few more times if they listen to the Morning News on 1280 am KIT.

Research also shows the intensity of laughter has less influence which I interpret to mean "even bad jokes are better than NO jokes" which is where I specialize!  Tune in, fin out and laugh a little!

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