Ute Grabowsky/Photothek via Getty Images
Ute Grabowsky/Photothek via Getty Images
I read an article in the UK SUN that made me smile.  The target age for KIT listeners is 35 to 64 and there is some new research that says these are the happy days for the lady listeners of KIT

Researchers found that over half of women over age 50 feel content with their relationships, more than 25 percent are happy with their age, and about 17 percent said they feel more confident than they ever have before.

Now we at KIT don't claim to be the reason for that, but we are more than happy to share to the good news.

We hear a lot about the youth culture in this country but there is more to being happy in life than being the national media's anointed "chosen demographic" .  The figures don't lie - 44 percent of those in their 20's say they're happy with their love life, and just ten percent were content with their age and confidence levels.  By comparison, the more senior women were also happier with their sex lives, and spent more time working out compared to their younger counterparts.

Well played ladies, you've got it going on!

According to research conducted by DC Thompson Media, the older generation feel they are living their best lives, with over half of those over 50 being content with their relationships while more than a quarter are happy with their age.

The intel was revealed by research for a new magazine called Platinum.

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