Couch Sleeper

Each and every weekday morning, my radio show partner Lance Tormey welcomes all the KIT "early risers" to our show in the 6 o'clock hour.  Nothing wrong with being an early riser.  Ben Franklin said it could help make you healthy, wealthy and wise - providing you got enough sleep before you woke up.  If not, well, the collected loss of sleep cold have some serious repercussions.

A new study as reported by UPI suggests that lack of sleep can increase your risk of heart attack, stroke and other heart and brain diseases. The study -- which included 487,200 people in China, average age 51 with no history of heart disease.

Participants were were asked if they had any of these issues three or more times a week:

trouble falling asleep or staying asleep;

waking up too early;

trouble staying focused during the day due to poor sleep.

11% said that they had trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, 10% reportedly waking up too early and 2% struggled to stay focused during the day.  During an average 10-year follow-up, there were just over 130,000 cases of stroke, heart attack and similar diseases.  Compared to those with no insomnia symptoms, people with all three were 18% more likely to develop these diseases.

Sleep tight early risers, go to bed early, we need you around!

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