Some weather models that initially showed La Nina would develop by July have been pushed back a month or two, according to Kyle Tapley, senior agricultural meteorologist at MDA Weather Services. He also points out that El Nino has been weakening since November at a slower pace than with previous systems, resulting in the delayed timeframe. The meteorologist says that if we don't have a quicker transition to La Nina, we have less likelihood of a very hot and dry summer across the United States. This would be a positive for crops at home and in countries such as Australia and India.

A self-described activist, journalist and blogger has raised more than $75,000 to fly drones over farms. Will Potter raised the funds from more than 1,300 donations on Kickstarter. He plans to use the funds as part of an investigation to “find out what factory farms are hiding with ‘ag-gag’ laws.” Potter has since expanded the Drone on the Farm initiative to raise $95,000, according to his Kickstarter page. His efforts against farms were highlighted in the Animal Agriculture Alliance monthly newsletter earlier this week.

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