Motivational speakers beware.  You could be put out of business by a picture of Mount Rainier!

The Daily Mail is reporting on a study out of Israel that basically says that if you're having trouble being motivated and focused at work you may want to change your desktop photo to a snowy picture. There is something about the cold that clears the head for better decisions.

Researchers experimented with students and found a temperature and decision making connection. Subjects feeling or even imagining colder temperatures triggered the ability to ignore sudden impulses and make decisions that benefit the long term.

Ever hear the phrase “calm, cool, collected”?  Similar statements from our language are actually supported by such research. Lead researcher Dr. Idit Shalev explains, "Metaphorical phrases like 'coldy calculating,' 'heated response,' and 'cool-headed' have some scientific validity, which we demonstrated in our study."  (Daily Mail)

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