Oh man, we are so excited to have Karin Kupp on the Morning News Thursday morning at 8:15.

Karin is the mother of the BEST receiver in professional football, Cooper Kupp. Cooper and the L.A. Rams are now on the way to the Super Bowl on February 13th

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Meet The Kupp's Momma Bear

So many wonderful things have been written and said about this amazing young man that we just had to hear from his mom on how he became the Cooper Kupp we are all starting to get to know.

We don't know her yet, but we do know she teaches a physical fitness Boot Camp and from the google photos, mom looks like she could more than keep up with her son's hardcore workouts!  And on her Facebook page she posted this:

Love watching this ‘freedom that only Christ can give’ being played out in our kids’ lives…and not only Cooper’s. #gratefulheart

God Is On Team Kupp

That is a reaction to a quote that Cooper gave in an article on a site called His huddle.
Football is a violent sport. It’s the nature of the game. In the same way, it’s also sporadic and oftentimes out of your control. I couldn’t imagine stepping onto a football field and not having a full body-mind-spirit belief that I am exactly where I am supposed to be, and doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. My faith in God and His plan for me allows me to play freely without doubt or fear.

Making The Most Of His Opportunity

"Freely and without fear" ...that sounds like a pretty great way to live your life, on or off a football field.  It's an excellent prescription for the rest of too and that's what Cooper hopes his personal example will show.

All that must make a mom proud but she also has to spread the motherly love, pride, and support across the entire family.  We'll see how she handles all that and more when she joins us for a mother's perspective on her Super Bowl-bound Super Star!

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