Yakima County Superior Court Judge Susan Hahn entered judgment in favor of the Yakima Valley Community Foundation and dismissed, with prejudice, former employee, John Colgan’s lawsuit. A related case by another former employee, Emily Medeiros was dismissed with prejudice on February 15, 2013. The Court’s action today follows a determination there was no legal basis for Colgan’s claims against his former employer, the Yakima Valley Community Foundation.

The money damages he sought were in addition to the one-year’s salary paid Mr. Colgan in a severance agreement signed in January of 2011. Two years after signing this severance agreement, Colgan filed the now dismissed case accusing the Foundation and others of improper conduct relating to the administrative fee for the Davis Fund during his tenure at the Foundation.

“We believe the plaintiff’s complaint was without merit, and today’s court decision disposes of all accusations against the Foundation,” said Chairman of the Foundation Board, Bill Douglas. “The court’s determination affirms the independent inquiries of the board of directors’, its attorneys, accountants and its new CEO, Linda Moore, that the claims made are factually false and without legal merit.”

“The Foundation is gratified to have this distraction from its important work—helping donors establish charitable investments in our community and awarding grants to the nonprofit organizations who carry out the hard work in our community—behind us,” said President and CEO Linda Moore.

“With the strong and united leadership of our board of directors, I look forward to building our strategic partnerships, developing deeper relationships with our donors and focusing catalytic investment in the Yakima Valley,” Moore continued.

The Yakima Valley Community Foundation is the fourth largest community foundation in the state of Washington with assets on December 31, 2012 of $51 million. From 2008 to 2012, the Foundation made grants of more than $7 million to nonprofit organizations. In 2012, returns on investment at the Foundation were in excess of 11%, and the Foundation added $4.7 million in new funds. This was the highest year for new assets, excluding the $20 million Davis Fund, since inception. Yakima Valley Community Foundation is made up of more than 55 separate charitable funds, which have been established by donors either for the benefit of the community or for special purposes. The Foundation also serves as a civic leader, convener, and sponsor of special initiatives designed to build community.

For more information about Yakima Valley Community Foundation, visit www.yvcf.com, or call (509) 457-7616.

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