Trying to find new ways to have fun in the snow? Then you've come to the right place, there's good old-fashioned fun however, what if we told you there are other and better ways to have fun in the snow that would let out your inner redneck?

Well, we have four great redneck ways for you to have some real fun in this Yakima Snow, of course, we'll have to add a disclaimer and say you have to be a real redneck to do these things and to be safe if you do try them out!

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4.) Snow Hot Tub Party! 

Hot Tubs are amazing, especially during the summer, but what if I told you to pull that top off and dive in while the snow is fresh on the ground? That's right a hot tub party during the snow is just what the doctor ordered, enjoy the gorgeous view of all the snow all the while being warm and toasty in the tub!

3.) ATV Snow Ridding 

Something about ATVs and Rednecks goes together so well, if you want to really get down and dirty with the snow there's no better way than enjoying your ATV in the snow, of course, we always suggest you should do it where they're allowed, and not the city streets. So take them out somewhere and get to ridin'!

2.) Redneck Sledding

Redneck Sledding is unlike anything you've experienced before, sure you can go to the store and buy a sled but there's nothing better than finding your own sled. Whether you're using a trash can lid, baby pool, Laundry Baskets, Kanus, or large pieces of Cardboard. Either way, there's something about a "homemade sled" that's just more fun.

1.) Shovel Racing! 

You've probably seen this in It's a Wonderful Life, but did you know people still do this today? sure some are more Redneck than others but it's still a whole lot of fun. All you need is some snow, and a shovel, you sit on it between your legs, sit on the metal shovel and slide on down!

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