Death is something face every single day, however, the majority of us walk right past it and go on about living our lives. That doesn't mean we don't think about it, with each passing second something crazy could happen and that could be the end of our story.

However that's just all in our head or is it, we're going to go over the top 5 weirdest ways anyone could die in Washington State, some may have actually happened, however, due to respect of others we will not mention any names just the story of how it happened.

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So let's dive into it, here are The Top 5 Weirdest Ways You Could Die in Washington 

5.) Falling off the Space Needle

This one is virtually impossible to do, but could probably still be done, thankfully the Space needle has some of the strongest glass in the world and security to make sure no one tampers with it. However, at one point in history, a man who worked in a skyscraper tried to prove to his coworkers that the glass was unbreakable and would run and jump into the glass as a funny trick to make others scared and then laugh. However one day he only terrified people, no the glass didn't break but popped out of the window frame, that was the last time he ever did the joke, or any joke for that matter.


4.) Choking on a passing fish

Pike Place Market is known for tossing fish back and forth, while tourists look on in amazement, it's been featured on tv more times than we can count. But what happens if it's overthrown? Well, thankfully there's been no accidents like this in Pike Place. However there was a woman who was fishing and when she got a bite after hours of waiting she reeled it in a little faster than normal and pulled on the rod to send it flying into the air, the fish was lodged into her throat and while trying to pull it out, well it didn't work.


3.) Falling Off a Cliff in Forks

A lot of people are obsessed with the Twilight series, so much so that they plan entire trips to Washington just to check out the cliffs where they filmed the movie. Granted some don't take it seriously, yes werewolves can jump off from heights that would terrify us "normies", but standing too close to the edge for a selfie could result in your headstone reading "They Really Loved Twilight."


2.) Eating a Poisonous Plant

I know what you're thinking "When in the heck would I eat a poisonous plant? Well believe it or not this actually happened to someone in Washington. We're not going to put the name or the city to respect their family's privacy but a woman actually mixed in a deadly plant known as Hemlock into her salad after going out and foraging. She ended up eating the deadly plant found in their home dead.


1.) Playing on Train Tracks

How this happens almost every year somewhere in Washington, and sadly it could have been easily avoided. For some odd reason, the Train Tracks attract some youth and even older people. They think, "I've done this a million times, I know what I'm doing." That is until tragedy strikes, people get stuck in train tracks or trip over something and knock themselves unconscious. Sadly, they're discovered too late. This should be a huge wake-up call to anyone hanging out on train tracks.




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