Support local kid entrepreneurs! See the list of local Lemonade Day Stands below!

My 13-year-old daughter Willow recently told me that she wanted some money so she could buy her own things. I asked her what she was willing to do to earn the money and she said she wanted to do a lemonade stand.

I told her that each year, there was a "Lemonade Day" event in Yakima that helped  support local kids to run their own lemonade stand and her interest was piqued.

Lemonade Day Yakima 2023
TSM/Reesha Cosby

I was asked to emcee the event last year, held by the Greater Yakima Area Chamber of Commerce. We even promoted it on the radio during a live broadcast.

"Our mission is to help today’s youth become the business leaders, social advocates, community volunteers and forward-thinking citizens of tomorrow... one lemonade stand at a time!" - Greater Yakima Chamber of Commerce

It was such a cute event to see all these little kids selling lemonade and learning a few ins and outs of what it takes to start and run a small business.

Lemonade Day Yakima 2023
TSM/Reesha Cosby

There was about a dozen local kids that made lemonade day stands during the fun day at Sozo Sports Complex. I was able to see first-hand the hustle and effort that these adorable Yakima kids put into attracting customers to buy their lemonade, cookies, and other treats from their stands.

These three girls built a Barbie lemonade stand with their parents. They came in first place in 2023!

Lemonade Day Yakima 2023
TSM/Reesha Cosby


This year, 15 kids (some with their siblings) are hosting their own Lemonade Day stands in the Yakima area on Saturday, June 8th. 


Here is the poster we made for Willow's Lemonade Day stand at Single Hill Brewing Co.

Fluffy & Willow's Magical Lemonade Day Poster

This is a list of the 2024 Lemonade Day Yakima stands that you can visit!


  1. Drex's Sportastic Lemonade

  2. Eagles Flag Football

  3. Fluffy & Willow's Magical Lemonade (This is my daughter's!)

  4. J's Lemonade

  5. Lemon Buddies

  6. Let’s Go Lemonazy

  7. Mi Casita Kidz

  8. Nj co.

  9. Purrfect Lemonade

  10. Sawyer’s Sweets

  11. Smiley Sips

  12. The A Team

  13. The Fire hydrant

  14. Vivi's Lemonade

  15. Zach's Fancy Lemonade

Visit the Lemonade Day website to get exact address of each lemonade stand along with the hours of operation and what you can buy from the kids.

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