Want to Feel Instantly Happier?

Sometimes we get down and happiness can feel hard to find. You get lost in your daily routine and everything begins to feel like a blur. It's in these moments that we stop. take a nice deep breath and readjust our attention towards cuddles.

Meet Your Daily Cuddle Quota

Sarah Johnson
I was working on this post and she just couldn't wait any longer to get her cuddles

My husband and I love to cuddle, it's a perfect way to connect and feel the stress of the day melt away. We both make sure to cuddle and hug daily but that's not the only place I am going for cuddles. We have two cats as well who crave cuddles and attention. When a cat chooses you for cuddles it is such a treat and you instantly feel better. Turns out there are even healing benefits, did you know?

The Healing Benefits of Cat Cuddles

It's all in the purr

Hugging a purring cat can be very soothing. That can translate into some pretty impressive perks for your health. The benefits include lower blood pressure, reduced risk of stroke, and lower risk of heart attacks. In fact, kitty purrs have even been shown to improve bone density!

Bet you didn't know that or if you did it's a great reminder that our animals don't just crave our attention, they need it just like we need them. Set a minimum of 15 minutes a day to play, interact and cuddle your pets and make sure to stick to it.

All Kinds of Cats and Cuddles

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