The struggle is real to find apartments near popular cities, namely because the weather is unbeatable, and everybody wants to live there for a better quality of life. California is one of the most expensive states to live in America.

The Struggle Is Real: 3 Hardest Cities to Find an Apartment in CA
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It’s expensive to live anywhere these days if you are moving to a new city, especially if you are relocating within the Northern and Southern California region. 


Some blame the high cost of living on the limited supply of available housing. Some chalk it up to greedy landlords. Others blame the rising costs it takes to support a population of over 38 million people.



If you want an easier time finding an apartment in California, you have to look for a place that’s not in high demand. 


It might be easier to find a spot in a city that most Californians love to hate (like Bakersfield, Stockton, or one of these cities). 


The only catch is that you might not have a lot of things to do in that city, or it might be too far away from where you need to work.



Redditors chimed in to agree with a recent report on CBS News that says Orange County is the hardest place to find an apartment in California.

As you'll see below, I’ve uncovered two other large cities besides Orange County where it’s tough finding a place to live. One is in the Central Coast and the other is in Southern California within Los Angeles County.


#3: San Luis Obispo: Located in the Central Coast region of California

San Luis Obispo, CA
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Courtesy: Visit San Luis Obispo


Here is a studio apartment in San Luis Obispo that starts at $1,525.

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Mustang Village in San Luis Obispo, CA
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#2: Anaheim: Located in Southern California (Los Angeles County)

Anaheim, CA
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Studio apartments aren’t cheap in Anaheim. Expect to shell out at least $1,350 for a STUDIO apartment!

Courtesy: Carlyle Courtyard in Anaheim, CA, JNM Realty via

Carlyle Courtyard in Anaheim, CA
JNM Realty via


#1: Orange County: Located in Southern California

Laguna Beach in Orange County, CA

Courtesy: Visit California: Orange County

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This 1 bedroom apartment is located in Huntington Beach.

Courtesy: Sher Lane Apartments via

Sher Lane Apartments in Huntington Beach in Orange County, CA
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The Top 5 Smallest California Cities to Find an Apartment

These are cities in California that have a population between 96,000 and 150,000. Based on the population size, apartments are reportedly hard to find in these areas.

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