Are You Searching for a Job?

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First off, sending you loads of luck and patience because finding, applying, and interviewing for jobs isn't easy and can sure be stressful too. Below are three tips to help make your hunt less frustrating and more productive, plus seven different Eastern, Washington companies or businesses that are always hiring.

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Tips to Improve Your Job Hunt

  1. Get your basic resume together then create digital versions switching up the resume info to fit each specific job you are applying for
  2. Make sure you have a professional e-mail address and updated phone number
  3. Apply for multiple positions in multiple fields

What Companies are Always Hiring?

Sarah Johnson via canva
Sarah Johnson via canva


  • Journeylinemen with a 15k signing bonus

Yakima Valley Memorial

  • Early Intervention Teacher
  • Housekeeper
  • Assistant Manager - Facilities Environment of Care
  •  OBGYN Opportunities
  • Switchboard Operator

Yakima Valley College

  • Confidential Assistant to VP Admin Services
  • Adjunct Allied Health Instructor
  • Part-Time Hourly Worker
  • Adjunct Reference Library
  • Hourly Tasting Room Attendant
  • Director of Teacher Education

Valley Mall

  • Bath & Body Works Sales Associate, Key Holder
  • Starbuck Barista
  • Old Navy Retail Associate
  • Children's Place Sales Associate

Comprehensive Healthcare

  • Office Coordinator
  • Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Mental Health Assistant
  • Care Coordinator
  • Recruitment Coordinator
  • Advocate
  • Finance Assistant
  • Outreach Professional

Washington State University

  • Fiscal Analyst
  • 21st CCLC Grant Manager
  • Multiple Tenured /Career Track Faculty Positions
  • Assistant Professor Modern Latin American/Latinx History
  • Tri-Cities Campus Security Officer
  • Programs Manager 21st Century Community Learning Center

City of Yakima

  • Police Service Specialist
  • Assistant City Attorney II
  • Temporary - Park Ballfield Maintenance Worker
  • Telecommunicator
  • Corrections Officers - Lateral
  • Police Officer (Academy Graduate Entry)
  • Solid Waste Maintenance Worker

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