I’ve had many, MANY jobs in my life. Several of them simultaneously (thank you, multiple part-time shifts at different hours of the day and week). But one of the jobs I missed the most was as a medical lab courier! If you don't know what a courier is, think of a fancy way of saying "high-priced delivery guy"!

I worked as a medical courier for 13 years, and there are many things that I DO NOT miss about the job (corporate dumb decisions). But the biggest part of that career is what I miss the most, the driving!


Let’s face it; for people who drive for a living, it is a formidable career. There are a lot of hazards! Road rage, bad drivers, accidents, weather, stop-and-go traffic, animals running out in front of you, and people on their phones walking out in front of you (to name a few).


There is also a lot of beauty. Especially for the drivers who can get out of the city and onto the open road! A little unrealized fact for us drivers is that our offices have 4 windows, which is great.


I drove all around the state, but sadly, I never got to experience one of the top highways in Washington State! I never went that far east! But now that I don’t have to drive for a living, I’ll probably go out and take a joy ride just to experience what has been ranked as one of the top must-drive highways in the United States!

See the Must-Drive Roads in Every State

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