I’m still hearing people say, “No place is hiring!” Really? No place is hiring? No place is willing to pay you to work?

Or is it that the jobs that you are wanting aren’t hiring? Or do they require something you’re not ready, willing, or able to do?

Like coming to work 5 days a week, dressing in clothes that are not sweatpants, or interacting with people!

Okay, enough about, and sorry for, my “friend” rant!

Oregon has many jobs but just needs the workers to fill them, and according to the Oregon Talent Assessment, it is a great time to be looking for a job!

magnifying glass over a help wanted ad.

The biannual report released by Oregon’s Higher Education Coordinating Commission and Workforce and Talent Development Board has reported that jobs are available in healthcare, childcare, and manufacturing.

The real kicker is people coming in and applying for these open positions in droves is nonexistent.

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This means that employers and businesses will have to step up their recruiting efforts to fill all the vacancies.

This problem could last longer than expected, with the current workforce expected to shrink in the future.


These findings are based on the number of workers who will be retiring in the next decade and the end of a growing population (declining after 30 years in 2022).

According to the assessment, there are roughly 66 people available for every 100 jobs posted in healthcare, information technology, wood products manufacturing, and construction.

This is troublesome, especially in the healthcare industry, where demand calls for nearly 27,000 more workers.

For more on this breakdown, visit OPB.org.

The good news to take out of this story is that if you’re looking for work or ready for a change, there are plenty of options in Oregon.


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