Deputy helps man get ashore (GCSO video still)
Deputy helps man get ashore (GCSO video still)

A Grant County Sheriff's Deputy likely saved a rafter from possible serious harm, after he swam out had helped rescue the tired man this weekend.

Drone video captures Deputy helping man in the water

The GCSO did not say whether it was Saturday or Sunday, but they were alerted to a man who had been floating on Lenice Lake, which is north of Mattawa in Grant County. The lake is not overly large, it covers about 100 acres, but big enough to possibly be a challenge to swim in due to chilly temps. The lake is very popular for good fishing conditions.

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Deputies arrived at the lake and found the man, who had tried to swim out and retrieve his raft, but then got too tired to swim back. While the GCSO drone hovered overhead, Deputy Josh Fitzhugh put on a life vest and swam out to meet the man who was in the middle of the lake clinging to the raft.

After making sure he was OK, he gave the man a life vest, and then towed him and the raft back to shore. Other than being tired and cold, the man was OK.

The video is courtesy of the GCSO


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