I feel like since the dawn of me being born, I have heard people talking about shortening the work week, and only working 4-days a week. Did I ever think it would happen? Nope. But it is!

4-Day Work Schedules are being implemented all around the world.

"Iceland. Cold little Iceland – a country with just over 350,000 people living in it – actually has more workers working a four-day workweek than almost anywhere else in the world." - Source

What about our schools though? Are 4-day Schools days going to be a norm?

While we still have a while before that becomes a "norm," BUT there are multiple schools already in Washington State who have a 4-day School Week.

  • Waterville School District in Douglas County
  • Selkirk and Cusick School Districts in Pend Oreille County
  • Paterson School District in Benton County
  • Bickleton School District in Klickitat County

Let's take a deeper dive though. What are some Pros and Cons?

We will go ahead and start with the Cons.

Cons of a 4-day School Week

We understand there are "pros" to this 4-day school week, but what are some cons?

Gallery Credit: Aly

And now for the Pros

Pros for a 4-Day School Week

While we may have some cons for a 4-day school week, let's focus on the Pros for now.

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Life doesn't stop for Ag. Workers though.

Let's face it, Eastern WA is a farming community as a whole, from the Plateau of Waterville to the tributaries of the Columbia River, how in the world could we get that schedule to match up with a school schedule? You can't.

Pateros School district in Okanogan County has been the latest school on my radar to imply, implementing a 4-day school week.

"In this competitive process, only 30 schools’ applications would be accepted. Pateros will collaborate with students, families, staff and community. All stakeholders will have the opportunity to share their opinions. If there is overall support, it will be presented to the school board for consideration at the April 29th board meeting. The board’s recommendation will determine whether or not we submit an application for consideration by the state." -Source

For more information as to how Pateros School district will proceed and decide, Here's the FAQ Sheet.

Would you like a 4-day school week? What about a 4-day Work week?

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